Questions and Answers

Who is WISPER?
We are a fixed wireless internet company that is locally owned and operated in West Tennessee. Our primary focus is to provide reliable high speed broadband internet service to the rural community.

How does it work?
We install equipment on towers that enables us to broadcast a signal to your house. We then typically mount a radio on the outside of your home or somewhere on your property and point it to a nearby WISPER tower. The tower and the radio securely send and receive your Internet content. 
From the receiver outside your house, we run a cable into your home and connect one device. This can be a desktop, laptop or a wireless router which is what we suggest. This allows you to connect your wired and wireless devices to the Internet, so everyone in your home can get online. We will also secure (encrypt) the wireless router, at the time of installation, so others can’t “steal” your Internet.

When is the monthly fee due?
Payment is due on the 1st, late on the 5th and automatically suspended on the 10th if not paid. If your account is paid after it has been suspended, it may take up to 48 hours for your service to be restored.

Can I move residence while under contract?
Yes, if you move to a residence where WISPER is available, you can continue your contract. WISPER can test your new location for free to determine serviceability.  WISPER charges a move fee of $100 to re-install equipment at your new location.

Does WISPER charge for service visits?
If you want your house rewired, the radio moved (ie. getting a new roof), or your computer ends up being the problem, then there would be a charge for the visit. Support Technicians can typically troubleshoot to determine if it is your equipment or WISPER’s, and you would be notified if a paid service visit is required.

Do I need a phone line?
No. WISPER Internet is wireless and does not require a phone line or cable connection.

Can I watch Netflix, Hulu and/or other video streaming services?
Yes, our network has speeds that support streaming video on sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube. Some packages are not designed to handle streaming video. 

Am I in the service area?
This is not always a simple answer. The best option is to call the office and let someone look at your location. If they deem that your location is worth a closer look, they will pass the information on to a sales rep.

How much is the service?
All pricing will be available online soon. For now, you will need to speak with a sales rep to see what options fit your needs the best.

What is the size of the unit and how is it mounted?
Our normal unit is about the size of a sheet of paper folded in half vertically and is a little over an inch thick. We will typically mount the unit to a facia board on the exterior of the house in a location that has the best reception from the tower.

Does WISPER have download limits?
Unlike cell phone and satellite internet services, we do not place limits on the amount of data you use.

Does weather affect WISPER Internet?
Unlike satellite which can lose signal during heavy rain, weather does not typically affect the wireless signal. There are some exceptions to this, such as severe storms and ice. Lightning can sometimes damage tower equipment. WISPER monitors the network, so tower techs know when there is an outage and can work quickly to restore service.