Frequently Asked Questions

Am I getting the speeds I am paying for?
We offer "up-to" speeds, so if you are paying for the 3 Mbps package, you will get as close to 3 Mbps as possible. If you are Non-Line-of-Sight because you have trees and obstructions between you and the tower, your speeds may be lower. If you have clear line-of-sight to the tower, you should get the maximum speed available.

How can I tell what speed I am getting?
You can run a speed test here. Your household shares the bandwidth, so do a speed test when all other computers and devices are turned off.

What if my Internet seems slow?
Computers that are infested with viruses, spyware, malware, or have not been taken in for a routine check-up are the leading cause of your Internet being slow. At a very minimum for computers that are connected to the internet, Rural Connect recommends virus protection to be running and up-to-date. If you are running Windows 8 or 10, antivirus protection is built in. Windows 7 will run on Microsoft Security Essentials which you will have to turn on, both are free. Another quick (and free) way to boost your speed is to use a different browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. MAKE SURE YOUR PC AND SMART PHONE ARE UP TO DATE ON SOFTWARE UPDATES!

What if I need help?
Rural Connect is here to help! You can find tutorials and instructional guides on this website, and you can speak to a local technician over the phone or in person 5 days a week, Monday and Tuesday, 8 AM to 5 PM and Wednesday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  After hours, please leave a message with brief description of problems, account name, and phone number.

What if the internet is down?
Rural Connect monitors the entire network 24/7 and is notified when an outage occurs.  If it is a tower issue, our tower crew is on call 24/7 and will be dispatched immediately based on weather conditions (ice, lightening, and etc).  If the outage is power related service should come back up when power is restored from the electric company.  Rural Connect Tech support extension 314 will have a message concerning the status so you can check if it is a network wide outage

I’m getting the speed I should, but I want more! What can I do? You can change your package at any time, simply call or email Customer Support.

Why do I need a router to access the Internet through my laptop? I thought I had wireless internet.
A router is necessary to connect any wireless laptops or PCs. Our service is wireless from our tower to the radio that we install on your home. The router allows you to connect as many computers to our service as you would like. 

I’m getting a new roof put on. What do I need to do?
Call Support to schedule a paid service visit to remount your outside equipment if needed.

How do I know which email program to use?
The email program you use is based on personal preference. For some users, our web mail is powerful enough. For others, they need the plug-ins and power of a program like Outlook or Thunderbird. Many operating systems have an email program included such as Windows Live Mail, Mail or Evolution. To learn how to set up your Rural Connect home email account, check out our instructional page.

What is your usage policy?
You can read the full policy here. While our Internet plans allow you to download an unlimited amount of data, there are laws against downloading certain things, including copyright-infringed works. When we get a DMCA complaint linked to your account, we are required by law to notify you. If the complaints continue then we will have to ask you to find another ISP. You can also read our Terms of Service here and Privacy Policy here.

Do you have any data limits or throttle down speeds?

There are no limits on the amount you use and we do not throttle down speeds. As with any other internet service provider, we provide the speeds that we advertise as BEST EFFORT. This can mean that the internet as a whole is experiencing an unusual amount of traffic, internet equipment is in maintenance mode, or more often than not the web site or server you are trying to connecting to could be overloaded with traffic. No internet service provider has control over that. However, we do have control over our network till it reaches our connection point to the internet. Other issues on our network causing you problems could be electric outages from the electric co op, storm damage and etc.